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Dentures are usually used to replace several missing teeth. Partial dentures replace a few teeth whilst full dentures replace all the teeth in a jaw.

Partial dentures are of two types. Plastic partial dentures are more commonly used as a temporary measure and are generally not very stable or efficient. Additionally as they tend to move against the gums they can cause gum irritation and lead to gum disease. Cast metal dentures are more stable, often use existing teeth for support and clasp some of the remaining teeth to help stabilise the denture.

Full dentures are an unfortunate reality for some people. For some people they work well for others they do not. If made with meticulous attention to detail problems can be minimised but if there is not adequate supporting bone then implant can be used to stabilise and support full dentures.

Over Dentures

For many patients wearing dentures can be a very difficult experience due to their dentures lacking stability and retention. The use of implants as illustrated in the case below can dramatically increase retention a give the patient confidence in their dentures.

There are two implants with tiny retention balls place in the lower jaw and two corresponding retention clips fitted into the denture.

  • Retention balls
    Retention balls
  • Denture

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