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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a tooth at the front of my mouth that is discoloured, It never gives me any trouble but it looks terrible and is an embarrassment. What can I do about it?

Providing the root filling is sound (your dentist will be able to check this for you by taking a small Xray) the tooth may be able to be bleached or if the discoloration is too severe a post crown is probably the best option. It has been my experience that veneers do not always hide bad discoloration. Your dentist will be able to advise you or refer you for specialist treatment.

I have three missing teeth in my lower jaw. I have a denture but it is uncomfortable. Is there an alternative?

You have several options. Have you considered a new denture? If the denture is old it may simply need a rebuild. If you want to get rid of your denture your options are either bridges or implants. The difference is that unlike denture implants and bridges are not removable. Implants use titanium tooth replacements screwed into the jaw. Bridges are fixed by being attached to crown on the teeth either side of the of the gap. Have a look at the implant and bridge section on our web site.

I have had full dentures for about 15 years and I am sick of them flopping around in my mouth. I have heard that you can have implants added to the denture. How does this work and can I have them added to my existing dentures.

Implants can help stabilize your dentures. This will often give you more confidence and can improve your quality of life markedly. The procedure is usually to have two or more implants placed in the jaw. After these have integrated attachments are added to the implants which “clip” into corresponding attachments in the denture. You don’t say haw old your denture is, but generally new dentures are required. However this depends on the age and fit of your existing denture.

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